Focus on the customer, effective choice of the products offered, investment in resources, market competitiveness: the Business Shop is all of these.

The Business Shop Srl is an all-Italian company established in 2004, aiming to enter the market of online sales of swimming pools, unknown at the time in Italy.
By focusing on quality products, punctual and professional service, innovative tools and affordable prices, we have quickly gained a prestigious position in Italian e-commerce.

Over the years, this positive experience has led to the establishment of mrpiscina.it, for accessories and spare parts for swimming pools, arredo-giardino.com for the outdoor sector, and youtoys.it for games and toys.

Relations with suppliers

The Business Shop has always selected its suppliers very carefully.

We deal with the leading companies in each sector to provide customers with products that are safe, functional and, why not, aesthetically pleasing and made with fine materials, with an eye for Made in Italy.

For years, we have been participating in international trade fairs and this has allowed us to make contact with international producers, and start up advantageous business relationships.

Working with the Business Shop means establishing a business relationship with a company that is well established on the market, one that knows the world of e-commerce and its tools, with a steadily increasing customer base.

Our structure was designed for electronic commerce and stays abreast of its changes, modifying strategies and methods, developing new approaches and projects.

Our users are competent, careful, and loyal and use an increasing number of the crossovers between our various sectors every day.

This is already a great asset in itself, perhaps the most important one for our company, but it is an asset for a supplier as well: knowing the impact of a product on established customers who express their opinion through feedback can be an excellent opportunity to offer new products and to make them known.

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